Welcome to The Hand and Eye!

Welcome!  We are so excited to launch! 

We at The Hand and Eye Sewing Supply Co. cater to garment sewists.  Every single fabric that we offer will be appropriate for sewing garments.  No second guessing and no regrets.  

Our goals are simple:

First, we will provide as much information as possible regarding the substrate, weight, color and drape of our fabrics so that you don't have to make a guess about whether or not our fabrics will work for your project.

Second, we will be as inclusive as humanly possible here at H&E.  Everyone is welcome, and our goal is to provide options that will work for any body at any time.

Finally, we will be aggressively ecologically conscious.  For us, this involves three main points:

  • We pledge to use as little single-use plastic as possible, both in our studio and in our packaging materials, and aim to be single-use plastic-free by 2022 (more about our Eco Pledge);
  • We pledge that at least 50% of our stock in 2020, and 85% of our stock starting in 2021, will be eco-certified (or deadstock, see below) - our certifications will be listed with each fabric description;
  • We pledge to carry as much deadstock fabric as we can (as long as it meets with our quality and coolness requirements!). Deadstock fabrics are leftover bolts of custom fabric that fashion houses no longer need, and often end up in landfills.  By buying deadstock fabric, we will keep this fabric out of the landfills and guarantee you have something unique!

For our initial launch, we will be offering seven fabrics: two linens (hot pink and black and white yarn dyed stripe), a sweet blush gingham perfect for tops, a bottom weight canvas duck, and three deadstock fabrics: a fun, graphic terry-ish sweater knit, a brushed woven perfect for warm button-downs, and a funky burgundy woven print that brings to mind Italian designers in the 1970s.  According to our supplier, the deadstocks are all European designer fabrics from France and Italy.  Due to the nature of deadstock fabric, The Hand and Eye cannot make any representations about the fabric substrate or how it was manufactured.  However, we have conducted burn tests and will offer our findings in each listing.

We are so thrilled that you're here.  As we grow, we will carry additional items to make your journey of creating your own wardrobe easier and more fun!  Please contact us with any questions or requests - you are our people, and we want to hear from you!


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