About Us

 Thank you for choosing The Hand and Eye Sewing Supply Co.  We are pleased to join you as you create a hand-sewn wardrobe.  

It is our mission to offer a curated collection of unique, elegant, and high quality textiles that feel as beautiful as they look, with an emphasis on ecological consciousness. We are here to offer you an investment: in yourself, in your style, and in the earth. 

Sewing is no longer a necessity; it's a luxury. It is both easier and cheaper to purchase ready to wear clothing.  But we do not sew to reduce expenses.  In choosing to hand sew our wardrobe, we honor our true selves.  We give ourselves infinite choices: any style, any size, any color.  In creating a hand-sewn wardrobe we create one-of-a-kind garments that display our individuality; we show ourselves the love and care that we deserve, and we show the world who we really are.

So whether you're creating the perfect linen dress for your upcoming trip to New Orleans, or simply crafting a silk blouse for that next Zoom meeting, we are here to support you and provide you with the highest quality fabric in the most beautiful substrates we can find.  Whether traipsing through Montmartre on holiday or running to the grocery store, you will look beautiful, you will feel beautiful, you will be yourself.