Eco Promise

Here at The Hand and Eye Sewing Supply Co., we love our Mother Earth.  To that end, we pledge to have as small a carbon footprint as possible.  What that means to us:

- using as little as possible single-use plastic in our shop - from the materials that we order from suppliers, to the products we use to serve our customers;
- offering eco-certified fabrics;
- offering deadstock fabrics; and
- ensuring that our shipping materials are 85% plastic-free starting in 2020, with a goal towards being 100% plastic-free by 2022.

Eco-certified fabrics such as Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified are fabrics that are manufactured in a more sustainable way, such as with a closed-system to reduce water waste, and without the harmful chemicals that may endanger the health of the workers who produce the fabric.

Deadstock fabrics are fabric bolts that generally come from fashion houses that have overestimated their needs.  By offering deadstock fabrics, we keep them out of the landfill and offer our customers a product that is unique and often designer quality.  We purchase deadstock from suppliers who acquire it from the design houses themselves, and due to the nature of deadstock, we neither know nor can make representations regarding their provenance, substrate, or method of manufacture.  However, we will provide as much information as possible, such as the width, weight, drape and color.  We will also perform burn tests and record our findings, but again, cannot make any guarantee as to the substrate.

Going plastic-free is incredibly important to us at The Hand and Eye.  There is plenty of plastic that goes along with sewing, and a lot of it is unavoidable.  Thus, we feel that the greatest impact we can have is to reduce our reliance on plastic and to eventually eliminate all single-use plastic.  We aim to do this in a few ways.  First, we will be conscious of offering products that are stored or shipped from the manufacturer in single-use plastic, and will ask our suppliers to reduce their use of single-use plastic in products that they send to us.  Second, we will not rely on single-use plastic in our shipping materials - we pledge to be 85% plastic-free starting in 2020, and 100% plastic-free in 2022.  Finally, we will source plastic-free materials as much as possible and rely instead on sustainable materials such as bamboo, clay, metal, and glass.  

Please feel free to contact us with any insights or suggestions that will help us keep our Eco Promise.  If you know any manufacturers who are dedicated to producing quality sewing notions and tools using sustainable methods and means, please let us know!  We are always looking for like-minded businesspeople to work with!